Not long ago, the cPanel Control Panel appeared to be an indisputable front runner on the hosting marketplace. Its global recognition grew so large that today cPanel is a synonym of Control Panel. However, the cPanel Control Panel has been built on out–of–date ideas and what worked great in 2005 is just not actual currently.

That’s why, we came up with the Control Panel, based on the ideas of these days and geared up for the challenges of the future. It’s been built to operate in the cloud, to be simple and to also help you control all aspects of your online presence: website, domain name and billing, all from one place.

1. Domain/invoicing/web site settings

When using the Control Panel you are able to look after your web sites, domain names and email messages from the very same location. You do not have to go with any extra invoicing or domain user interfaces.

The cPanel Control Panel doesn’t offer parallel management of domain names and web sites. You receive one invoicing panel for your domains and bills, and another Control Panel for your websites.

2. File Arrangement

Using the Control Panel, all your websites and subdomains are going to be free from one another. Each individual website will have its very own folder isolated from the rest in the main directory of your cloud hosting account. You can easily change from working on one website to dealing with another.

Within the cPanel Control Panel, you have just one directory for your main site and all the extra websites are located within this folder. This would make taking care of many different sites from a single interface very puzzling.

3. File Manager

The Control Panel features an easy–to–use File Manager, which lets you upload data files simply by dragging them in the browser. You’ll have instant access to all the features via convenient right click context navigation. You can also use back–end code and WYSIWYG editors. All capabilities are really simple to work with.

The File Manager of cPanel is slow and limited in features. Submitting many data files takes a considerable amount of time and and won’t offer drag–and–drop support. The integrated archive/extract tool is difficult to rely on and the file editing tools present just simple controls. There’s no easy access to the available file managing features.

4. Absolutely free Extras

If you’re on the lookout to obtain more for your money, then the Control Panel is the best solution. It includes free–of–cost bonus tools that are likely to cost over $1000. It will be easy for you to make use of’s Web Based Site Installer, Web Application Installer, Framework Installer, Free Website Creating Instrument and you’ll have access to a big selection of 100–percent–free layout themes.

Each individual web hosting supplier supplying cPanel decides on their own exactly what free benefits to to use in your hosting deal. And also, since cPanel is a commercial Control Panel, the free–of–cost gifts also have to be paid by the website hosting supplier. This will undoubtedly add to the value of your hosting package, so the complimentary bonuses integrated in your plan will in fact be paid for.

5. Control Panel Tool Performance Speeds

We’ve optimized our Control Panel to operate smoothly with our equipment only. This makes it quicker than many other website management tools. We have as well configured it to

utilize the total potential of your connection to the Internet – the speedier your Internet is, the quicker our Control Panel will work.

cPane is compiled to be operating on a wide range of platforms using many different hardware configurations. As a result, it’s not completely optimized to operate on a particular system, which might have negative effect on speeds and safety. Moreover, It can be even slower at times of high web server load.

6. Multi–domain Control

The Control Panel will let you smoothly take care of several websites and their domain names from a single location. Each site will have its very own special folder in the root of your website hosting account and will also be entirely separate from the rest. In this manner, you can use only 1 hosting account to control as many domain names and web sites as you want.

The cPanel Control Panel will keep things isolated – you’ll have to handle your domains from 1 login area and your sites from another. Each web site has its own Control Panel. Maintaining many different web sites within one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be puzzling because virtually all additional domains will be saved in the folder of the primary domain name.

7. Control Panel Navigation

With the Control Panel, you will be able to instantly move from one section to a new one by making use of our useful top navigation bar. It provides links to every area of the Control Panel and also a quick explanation of what exactly you’re able to do there. This way, even if you don’t know very well what the particular section implies, you will have the ability to fairly quickly become familiar with its capabilities.

The cPanel Control Panel offers all available icons on the main page, meaning it is not customized to your particular demands. Also, immediately after you enter a menu, you are not able to instantly switch to another one and need to to get back to the homepage alternatively. This type of navigation can be truly troublesome for you, especially if you work with multiple Control Panel sections each time you update your sites.

8. Demo Control Panel Accounts

With the Control Panel, we’ve created a feature–rich demo for you to examine in advance of signup. You’ll have access to a test hosting account from which you are able to configure e–mail accounts, deploy web apps, create new sub–domains, and even make a website using one of our web–site constructors, etcetera. Should you like what you have created – you you can easily join us within the demo interface and keep anything you have come up with up to now.

The cPanel Control Panel is equipped with a simple demo account that doesn’t supply you with access to the primary website administration tools you want to examine. It’ll reveal to you the way a common index page looks like and you will have access to one or two of all available tools and functions. All other capabilities will be unavailable until you join.

Using the Control Panel, maintaining your websites will be simple, easy and enjoyable. Just take a glance at’s Web Site Control Panel demo and discover the offered features and tools to find out for yourself.

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