In case you’ve ordered a hosting package and you’ve got some queries about a concrete function/feature, or if you have experienced some challenge and you require help, you should be able to get in touch with the respective tech support staff. All web hosting companies use a ticketing system irrespective of whether they offer other ways of contacting them along with it or not, because the easiest way to tackle an issue most often is to open a ticket. This model of communication renders the replies exchanged by both parties easy to track and allows the support team representatives to escalate the issue in the event that, for example, a server admin must intervene. Most often, the ticketing system isn’t directly connected to the hosting space and is part of the billing account, which suggests that you’ll have to use at least 2 separate accounts to contact the tech support team and to actually administer the hosting space. Constantly switching between the accounts may be a nuisance, not to mention the fact that it requires lots of time for most hosting providers to process the ticket requests themselves.

Integrated Ticketing System in Hosting

Our hosting come bundled with an integrated support ticket system, which is an indivisible part of our custom-built Hepsia Control Panel. Unlike other analogous tools, Hepsia will allow you to manage everything related to the hosting service itself in the very same location – payments, website files, emails, trouble tickets, etc., avoiding the need to log in and out of different interfaces. In the event that you’ve got any technical or pre-sales questions or any problems, you can submit a ticket with just a few mouse clicks without leaving your hosting Control Panel. In the meantime, you may choose a category and our system will present you with a number of informative articles, which will provide you with additional information and which may help you fix any particular issue even before you actually send a ticket. We guarantee a support ticket response time of maximum 1 hour, even in case it is a weekend or a public holiday.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Servers

In case you have a semi-dedicated server account with our company and you would like to get in touch with our client service staff members, you’ll be able to submit a trouble ticket straight from your Hepsia hosting Control Panel instead of using a completely different customer support platform like you will need to do with most web hosting providers on the marketplace. Our integrated trouble ticket system will permit you to open a new ticket easily and to browse through older tickets using a smart search filter. Moreover, you will be able to take a look at the applicable knowledgebase articles that our system will present you with based on the category that you select for your new ticket. You can perform all the above-mentioned operations without signing out of your Hepsia Control Panel at any moment, which means that in case you experience any predicament or have a question, you can contact our support engineers and solve the issue in question in no more than 1 hour using one platform.